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New Construction Inspections

Did you know that the Building Department inspects only for code violations?  They typically won’t measure to see that things are as they should be and quality isn’t their problem.  If it meets the minimum code requirements, then they pass it.  Bank inspections simply check to see how much of the job has been completed.  Who is looking out for you?

We will make progress inspections to determine that your home is being built per the plans and specs.  Quality does matter to us and we insure that the dimensions are correct, walls are plumb, and that no corners are being cut.  We inspect the material to verify that it is of the quality required.

Our experience in design, structural engineering and construction is unsurpassed in our area.  Don’t take chances with your most expensive purchase.  Once the drywall is up it is most likely too late to discover the problems that may last forever.  Why take that chance.

We charge per inspection and we will offer an inspection schedule for your review.  Simply choose the inspections you feel are necessary for your protection.

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