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Four Point Inspections

A Four-point inspection consists of a visual and/or operational test of the air-conditioning, heating, plumbing, roof covering, and electrical.

It is a good idea to have copies of any receipts showing upgrade dates of any the 4 Points to give to the Inspector.

The report is completed using an InterNACHI form approved by citizens insurance company and it is accepted by most others.

Citizens Property and Casualty Insurance has a new requirement as January 1, 2011.

Citizens require InterNACHI membership ID number and the Inspector’s State of Florida Home Inspector’s license number.

We are required to sign the Four Point Inspection form, provide our InterNACHI ID number and our Florida Home Inspector’s license number for the Four Point report to be accepted by Citizens.

More insurance companies want the following photos:

Front and rear of home

Electrical panel with door open

Washing machine plumbing (hoses and stops)

Water heater pressure relief valve

Plumbing under all sinks (kitchen, bathroom, utility, garage, etc)


HVAC unit

Visit this site to view the actual form that is sent to the Insurance Company for 4 Point Inspections and a chart showing the life expectancy of many of the items in your home (bottom of page).

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