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Wind Mitigation Verification Inspection

The following is a list of the information requested on a Wind Mitigation Verification Inspection Form:

1.  Building Code:  What building code was used to design and build the structure?

2.  Predominant Roof Covering:
Permit Application Date:  __________ or Date of Installation: __________________________ .

NOTE:  At least one photo documenting the existence of each visible and
attribute marked in Sections 3 through 9 must accompany this form.

3.  Roof Deck Attachment: What is the weakest form of roof deck attachment?

4.  Roof to Wall Attachment: What is the weakest roof to wall connection?

5.  Roof Geometry: What is the roof shape(s)?

6.  Gable End Bracing: For roof structures that contain gables, please check the weakest that apply.

7.  Wall Construction Type: Check all wall construction types for exterior walls of the structure and percentages for each:

8.  Secondary Water Resistance (SWR): (standard underlayments or hot mopped felts are not SWR)

9.  Opening Protection: What is the weakest form of wind borne debris protection installed on the structure?  (Exterior openings
include, but are not limited to: windows, doors, garage doors, skylights, etc. Product approval may be required for opening
protection devices without proper rating identification.) 

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